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Hey, I'm Kelly

When I'm at home, I love to cook and craft. To stay sane I do yoga. And because I live in Minnesota—and love a challenge—I started playing hockey the same year I turned forty. When at work you'll find me building brands for awesome entrepreneurs, supporting badass women as they take on their biggest dreams, and telling brand stories around the agency circuit.

About me:


I spent 15 years living that advertising life. I ran the creative team for a global agency. I pitched a lot of business. I stayed up late. I played some foozball. I LOVED it, and I learned so much about what makes people (and businesses) tick.


Fun fact I like to break out at parties—I went to art school. I went to art school because I knew that I was meant to create things. Beautiful things that make the world better, more beautiful and more interesting. I've carried that passion through every job I've ever had.


When I went out on my own in 2020, I did it because I needed the one thing my glossy agency job couldn't give me: the rush of working with start-ups and individuals growing their dreams. So that's what I get to do now, and it's pretty effing amazing.

I see what makes others shine, and I can make the rest of the world see it too.

It’s saturated out there, friends.

Lots of brilliant ideas. Lots of start-ups. Lots of brave humans. Really cool companies. Really cool clients.


But when we have the best ideas for a business, sometimes the hardest thing is figuring out how to talk about it. How do you explain it all to your friends / boss / potential customer without getting long-winded, exhausted, or confusing?

That's where I come in. My greatest superpower* is really listening to what you're saying about the problems you see in the world, your business solutions and just what makes you uniquely, beautifully situated to solve it all.

On this site you'll see all the ways I help people bring their stories to life. 

I'd love to help you write your story too.


*(Sorry for the buzzword. I tried to resist, I really did.)



Case studies, coming soon.

What self-respecting creative builds a website with no work samples? 

None, that's who. I've got a bunch in the wings. In the meantime, you can peep some of my past glories over at The Agency Co.

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